Marketo Partner Program

LaunchPoint® Technology Partner

The LaunchPoint Technology Partner Program is the industry’s first marketing technology accelerator. The program, part of the company’s successful LaunchPoint partner ecosystem, brings together innovative applications that, when combined with the robust Marketo Engagement Platform, enables enterprises to listen, learn, and engage with their buyers in unprecedented, personalised and authentic ways at scale.

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Value of Becoming a
Technology Partner


Marketo designed LaunchPoint to help you grow your business as we grow ours. Whether you’re just beginning your journey in marketing, ready to scale, or simply preferring to focus on innovation, we have a program that meets your unique requirements. Check out which program—Innovate or Accelerate—matches your company’s needs.


As an Innovate Partner, you will receive access to Marketo’s Engagement Platform to quickly and efficiently build your integration. Our technical teams will help you conceive your killer App, and certify your integration.

In addition, Innovate Partners receive access to Marketo's marketing programs.  Specifically, once your integration is complete, your listing on, the industry’s largest marketplace for MarTech and AdTech applications, enables you to reach thousands of Marketo prospects, customers and industry thought-leaders. You will also be able to take advantage of various marketing activities our partner team crafts to help you drive your business forward.  

Accelerate Partners are granted access to even more robust co-marketing campaigns and sales opportunities. In fact, Marketo has adjusted its sales processes to align with Accelerate Partners. Marketo AEs and CSMs are now incentivized to connect our customers to your sales teams, and our solution consultants are ready to highlight your application when they sell Marketo.

A Partner Program
That Works for You

Build your integration on the Marketo Engagement Platform by taking advantage of our deep developer resources, including our open office hours and developer sandbox instance. Then, market your solution to the more than 50,000 marketers who comprise the Marketo Marketing Nation via our LaunchPoint marketplace and other special programs.


As an Innovate partner, you’ll not only receive the developer benefits listed above, you are also encouraged to engage in a variety of marketing programs that educate Marketo customers, prospects and sales teams about your specialized solution.


Accelerate Partners grow their customer base by taking full advantage of Marketo’s channel marketing programs including a complete engagement platform, product certifications, robust marketing support and sales alignment—with Marketo’s Partner Account Managers (PAMs) proactively introducing your solution to Marketo AEs, as well as our installed base.

The Right Platform

Marketo’s Engagement Platform enables marketers to seamlessly bring together the right customer data and touchpoints—enabling marketers to listen to, learn from, and engage with their customers at scale.

The Right Marketplace

Marketo LaunchPoint is the largest MarTech appstore—featuring hundreds of enterprise and small business applications across numerous product categories and industries.

The Right Program

The LaunchPoint Technology Partner Program provides partners with proven marketing and sales enablement programs to effectively grow their customer base.

Benefits Innovate Accelerate
Referral Fee for Referring Customers to Marketo
Branded Listing on LaunchPoint, Flow of Leads
Developer Sandbox and API access
Access to Tech Materials
Expert Office Hours
Roadmap Webinars
Product Consulting Partners
Sponsorship Opportunities
Access to Developer Evangelists to Scope & Architect
Advanced Sandbox, Extensibility, Framework, Custom Objects
Trusted Advice from Marketing Experts  
Press Release with a Quote from Marketo  
Joint Webinars, Featured Blog Posts, and Local Events  
Lead Nurturing Activities  
Marketo Partner Advisory Board Eligibility  
GTM Planning and Forecast with PAM  
Marketo Sales Bootcamp participation  
Present to Marketo Sales Teams (CAM, ENT, SMB, SC) in demo days  
Participate in commission plan for CAMs or AEs  
Certified Integration Program Eligibility and Distinction Eligible Eligible
Annual Fee 10% of Rev 20% of Rev


Don’t miss the opportunity to connect your application to Marketo’s engagement platform.
Lead the next wave of customer engagement.